Friday, August 13, 2010

30+ jQuery Plugins that enhance and beautify HTML form elements


This article will cover the following elements:

Form Skinning

Frustrated with the form elements inconsistency among different browsers? With these jQuery plugins, you can unified the look and feel of all your form elements.


Form Validation

It's always good to have client side form validation. These jQuery plugin will save your times and works by reusing already made form validation.


Masking can help to avoid human mistake. I found these plugins are very helpful to guide users and decrease the chances of bad data.

    File Uploader

    These file uploader transform the orginal input file element into a more robust file uploader that able to upload multiple files and having a progress bar to indicate the upload progress.

      Checkbox & Radio Button

      Spice it up your checkbox and radio button with these jQuery plugins!

        Spin Button & Slider

        Spin button can be useful sometimes. The other alternative will be a slider.

          Auto Complete

          You must have seen the auto complete functionality from, and all the major websites. With the following plugins, we, too can implement it in our websites easily.

            Calendar & Time picker

            The old school method to let user select date and time are using drop down lists (day, month and year). Now, we can use a calendar, timepicker to replace the old way. Since it's picked from calendar, it decreases the chances of invalid date. I like them.

              Drop Down Menu (Select Element)

              Want to do more with drop down menu? These plugins able to add more capabilities to drop down menu.

                Color Picker

                If you are building some online tools that involves colours, I guess you will like the following plugins. jQuery based colour pickers!


                  Sometimes, we get really annoyed when we have to type in message in such a small space (a textarea), and we have to scroll up and down, left and right (sometimes) to read the entire message. Say no more to scrolling! Add this autogrow/resizer capability to textarea to avoid that.

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